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The TRIADBALL™ & Pilates TRIADBALL™ Ultimate Sculpting Workouts

Look and feel great! Michael and Ton expertly guide you through THREE easy to follow workouts using their revolutionary TRIADBALL™ to enhance and intensify every move you make.
TRIADBALL™ Full Body Workout: 25 Minutes
Get maximum results in minimum time! Transform and reshape your body with this new, time-efficient Pilates workout with the TRIADBALL™. Michael and Ton’s innovative sequencing in combination with their excellent cueing and instruction make the workout easy to follow  
TRIADBALL™ ABS: 12 Minutes
Michael and Ton use the dynamic elasticity of the TRIADBALL™ to challenge your deepest core muscles from all angles. Reshape your abs and create a strong core and toned waistline.
TRIADBALL™ Buns And Thighs: 15 Minutes
Target your buns and thighs with this intense workout. Michael and Ton guide you through a powerful and effective program using their versatile TRIADBALL™, guaranteed to reshape your buns and thighs.
Available on DVD (NTSC)
Running time, approximately 53 Minutes
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